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10 Reasons to Love Raw Integrity Chocolate

10 reasons to love Raw Integrity Chocolate

The founder, and trained Naturopath Kristina worked tirelessly to perfect the recipe over 2 years while working at a health food store in Brisbane. Now based in Melbourne, she has found the PERFECT combination of creaminess, chocolate taste and crunch.                                              
2. It is conscious chocolate.
Ingredients are organically and ethically sourced.
3. It gives back.
10% of all proceeds go to charity! Raw Integrity is currently supporting the Orangutan Project. This means that a monthly fee goes towards the basic needs of an orangutan called Gokong at the Batu Mbelin Rescue Centre in Northern Sumatra. This includes shelter, food, medicine, as well as rehabilitation so one day Gokong will hopefully return to the wild! As of November 2016, Raw Integrity is also sponsoring 2 ex race horses through Save a Horse Australia.                            
4. It cares for the planet!
Packaging is recycled and printed with soy ink.
5. It's 100% vegan friendly.
No animal derived ingredients in sight, which leads us on to number 6....
6. It's lactose free!
Meaning those who miss out on chocolatey deliciousness due to this pesky intolerance will be able to enjoy guilt free!
7. It's raw.
During production the chocolate is not heated over 46 degrees celsius to keep it raw and to avoid losing any nutrients.
8. It's made in Melbourne.
And many of the ingredients are sourced locally including freeze dried strawberries from Mornington!
9. It has 6 fabulous and QUIRKY flavours.
Tantalise your tastebuds with a bit of berrie lover, peppiment, cinnamon chai, cacao nibs and vanilla, orange and lime or pink salt. Mhmmmmmm delish!
10. They are 70% cacao.
Cacao is a fantastic source of magnesium, full of antioxidants, and promotes blood circulation. And let's be honest the more chocolatey it tastes the better right!?

If these 10 reasons haven't convinced you already, then we dare you to come and try Raw Integrity Chocolate for yourself and be the judge!

Raw. Check
Integrity. Check
Chocolate. 100 x Check!!
Written and tasted by Jess Moulton :)

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