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EcoBling Jewellery

I used to be a skirting board

EcoBling create beauty from the craziest things - a necklace made from an old (loose translation: vintage) washing machine - not the whole washing machine (too heavy); earrings from recycled beer bottles (what better can be done with a beer bottle minus the beer?); a staircase moulded into the kind of style that stands out in the masses - a stepping stone to stardom, excuse the pun.

At last count EcoBling had diverted 3 tonnes of waste from landfill and transformed it into sustainable, environment and people-friendly jewellery.

Not only do EcoBling create beautiful pieces from recycled materials that would otherwise end up as landfill, but they also do all sorts of other amazing things.

They work with Indigenous artists throughout Australia in order to share and celebrate Indigenous Australian culture through their IndigiBling range, which in turn creates more unity, respect and understanding within the wider community. This range will be in store soon -  we're waiting patiently with our fingers crossed that it turns up this week because we're simply too excited!

And finally, for every purchase, a tree is planted in African food forests to help create food security, food sovereignty and sustainable livelihoods. They have planted over 10, 000 tress so far and they're about to plant more. This helps to ease the pressure on the surrounding environment, as well as locking up carbon from the atmosphere.

Here you were, thinking that you were just buying a necklace, when in fact, you are single-handedly restoring the environment to its pre-human existence. Well, perhaps I wouldn't go that far, but every time you buy EcoBling, you can rest assured that you are making an impact.

So go on: buy that necklace, plant a tree, make someone smile, laugh at landfill (knowing that it's not getting the skirting board or vintage washing machine that's falling delicately from your neck) and know the good that you are doing in the world.

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