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Are you game for Able and Game?

If you've been to visit us, you know as well as we do that Able and Game can keep you giggling and rolling-over-laughing for hours on end. As spoken by the brand itself, "Able and Game are a stationery brand that uses humour and sentiment to convey messages that are quirky, poignant and personal".

Their slogan is: 'we make cards'; and this summation couldn't be any more accurate. Their range of cards are famously known for their witty take on every occasion. Among the plethora of well designed cards, you will find one perfect for each individual in your life, with a particular abundance for lovers of satire, irony, cats, puns and supporters of local designers.

 YES! That brings us to our next point. Able and game are hand drawn and printed here in Melbourne by Anna and Gareth in their Brunswick studio. The cards are accompanied by a 100% recycled envelope (post consumer waste!), and at least 5 breaths worth of belly laughs (it's a promise!).

 Does Able and Game have an obsession with cats?

Yes, yes they do. Anna has been obsessed with cats since she was little, and Gareth is a self proclaimed 'nouveau-cat lover' who believes that their now official office cats Bubsy and Cricket are the cutest in the world.
And yes, they do have their own Instagram.
Based on the array of cat-related memorabilia and gifts in our store, most being of the Able and Game origin, it can be concluded that not only do we respect this obsession, we relish it.


The cat's out of the bag. Able and Game really are a mixed bag of tricks. Or 'Jack of all trades', if you will.

Not only do they make cards, but also a fabulous range of tea towels and tote bags. You guessed it, also with funny punny prints for both your more conservative and also 'out there' friends and family.

Whether it's a newly married couple, a cat lover, a lovely dinner host, new parent, or just someone you care for, you are guaranteed to find the perfectly appropriate Able and Game gift for all. 

Written by another cat lover Jess :)

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