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Bokashi Composting System

These days, people are becoming more and more aware of the high environmental impact that our hectic, consumer-driven lifestyles can often create. Here at Pookipoiga, we are so lucky to have such a wonderful community that allows us to stock many producers that have a similar ethos to us. They help to make a big difference to the world by creating environmentally friendly products which can help us all live more sustainable lifestyles.

Therefore, Pookipoiga is super excited to announce that we are now stocking the most wonderful Bokashi Composting systems. Bokashi is a Japanese word for “fermented organic matter,” and that’s exactly what comes out of these great little bins! Bokashi is a wholly-owned Australian company which was established in 2004 by Maree O’Malley, who started the company in her own backyard…literally.

These days, they are manufactured locally to Maree in Marrickville, Sydney. These containers of environmental goodness are conveniently sized (410mm high, 310 mm wide and 300mm deep), and are perfect for storing in the cupboard, under the kitchen sink. If you are concerned that there will be a smell, fear no more! It comes with an airtight lid that helps in controlling odours and bugs.

So, now that we have piqued your interest, you’re probably wondering a few things about them. So let us fill you in!

- Composts food waste including meat, fish, dairy, citrus, onions, eggshells, cooked, raw and processed foods.
- Is easy to use.
- Is a GREAT step to take to make a difference and to direct food waste away from land-fill.
- The Bokashi Mix is made in Australia using a mixture of wheat bran and rice husks, which have been sprayed with a group of micro-organisms that exist in nature.

After the Bokashi mix has done its work in the container, you’ll have some wonderful nutrient-rich on-tap garden fertiliser, a double shot espresso for plants that will keep them partying all season. There are only positives for the liquid fertiliser, as not only does it aerate and loosens the soil it helps it retain more moisture and nutrients which promotes a healthier, happier garden. It also encourages the presence of soil organisms such as earth worms; which everyone knows is the hallmark of a spectacular garden.

So there you have it. An easy and effective composting idea, that gives back only good 😊 Share the love with your garden!

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