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Conscious Step Socks

Conscious Step Socks

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Designed in New York and ethically made in India, Conscious Step socks are 100% vegan and animal friendly. They are made from fair trade cotton and are made to last, making them socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.  Each sock has 168 needle count making them lush, comfortable and soft to wear. Join the slow fashion revolution! We’ve never looked back since stocking these socks and got good use out the ones we own ourselves. And if that ain’t enough, there’s an array of quirkie colours and prints, making these socks fun and unique. Choose either the individual pack or the pack of three, for a perfect, thoughtful gift. We’re one of the few proud stockists in Melbourne that stock Conscious Steps, come visit us at 64 Bridge Rd, Richmond or find them here


Every little step counts. Conscious Step not only sources fair trade cotton for their socks, making them completely ethical, they also support an endless list of charities. This includes socks that protect tropical rainforests, socks that give books, and socks to end hunger.  Each sock comes with its own colour and charity to match, sharing a decent amount of the profits with each charity. So far, Conscious Step has been able to raise 14,048 days of therapy for individuals with HIV, and donated 3,226 school books. The numbers continue to rise, and with your support we can increase the impact each sock provides.

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