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Hive Beeswax Candles - what's so stupefying about them?

So you've got a candle? So what? It's made from beeswax? Now you're talking! We've got them too - beeswax, and only beeswax. Why? Read on, my friend, and you shall find out!

Reason numero uno: beeswax candles are not paraffin - surprising? I think not! A natural by-product of the honey industry, rather than the petroleum industry, you can't go wrong. Rather than releasing harmful toxins into the air, beeswax candles release negative ions, meaning that it cleanses the air you breathe, negating the positive charge of air contaminants and neutralising the air. On top of that, HIVE only use 100% cotton wicks, so there are no extra nasties hiding in your wick - what a relief! You won't have to warn anyone about your wick...phew!

2. Beeswax has a very high melting point, so providing you keep the wick trimmed, they will last much longer than other candles, including soy and paraffin-based candles. Our HIVE candles last approx 40 hours - that's 40 hours of beeswax delight! You may have to hand over a little more cash for beeswax, but it will last longer, so you're really the one that's winning. Give yourself a medal.

3. HIVE Australia is a family-owned business based in Tamworth region, New South Wales. They are 4th generation beekeepers, utilising honey directly from their own their worker bees, so you know exactly where they're coming from - literally and figuratively!

4. We know why you don't want to use paraffin and palm oil - obviously - but why not soy? Let me launch into a tirade: agriculture is the largest single cause of deforestation and severe forest degradation, with soy production accounting for one-quarter of vegetable oils globally. This is expected to rise to 300 million tons globally by 2020. That is a lot of oil! Not only does deforestation and degradation occur, but also social issues and human rights abuses. You don't want to think about that while you're sitting in the bath with the gentle glow of candlelight flickering on the walls - that's not relaxing. You can check out a report here if you want to know more.

5. Last but not least, I have a question - why are you stealing the wax that bees work so hard to create? Why not leave them for the workers and their head honcho, the Queen?

Beeswax is all part of the bee's digestion process. It is a byproduct of their consumption of honey, which is then used for storage and accommodation. A beekeeper provides a wax foundation as a starter for the bees, who then add to this with their own production of wax. Beekeepers will then only take the beeswax, or honeycomb, that a hive does not need, ensuring that they have enough to keep warm and well-fed. If they don't look after their bee population, the hive is likely to die, so even without the ethical aspects of that, it would not be good for them economically. From whichever way you're looking at it, it makes sense.

Use beeswax - nothing else is logical. The end!

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