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Keep Cup and Sea Shepherd Collaboration

Keep Cup

Featured: Sea Shepherd, Small| - 8oz/227 ml


Non toxic and BPA/BPS free makes Keep Cup a perfect sustainable takeaway coffee or tea mug. Since its first release in 2009, Keep Cup have been able to inspire the public to reuse, shifting away from the previous throwaway culture. The vision is a future completely disposable free. Trying to be completely sustainable can be daunting for some, reusing is a great way to start making a positive impact on the environment. As the popularity of Keep Cup increases, the welfare of our environment improves. Planting the seed of sustainability is our main priority at Pookipoiga, this is why we love Keep Cup, it encourages reusing and upcycling, which is our main motivator. Come share the love by visiting us at 64 Bridge Rd, Richmond, or online: https://www.pookipoiga.com/collections/kitchen/coffee-cup

Sea Shepherd

Keep Cup and Sea Shepherd collaboration is perfect for all the eco warriors out there. This particular collaboration supports ocean conservation. An epic total of 15% of the total sales per product is donated to Sea Shepherd, making a huge contribution to help protect the world's oceans.

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