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Mörk Artisan Hot Chocolate

The latest addition to the Pookipoiga team are Melbourne-based artisan chocolatiers Mörk.

Mörk were inspired by Melbourne's world class coffee scene and had the vision to bring artesian specialty chocolate into the mix.

Not only is Mörk chocolate delightfully delicious - but it has a truly fantastic ethos behind it.


All Mörk ingredients are 100% traceable. Mork has chosen not to display their Fair Trade or Organic certifications, as whilst they are both important concepts, universal regulation of these certifications is tricky and unfortunately the logo is not always enough to guarantee ethical production and quality. It can be a bit confusing for consumers wanting to make informed choices! Mörk trace their ingredients every step of the way to ensure the integrity and quality is maintained from ground to cup.

Mörk work with independent businesses and growers, with ethical and sustainable manufacturing being paramount. This means that smaller businesses are able to receive fair prices for their products, and means they are able to compete with the larger international companies.


The love put into the product is evident - you only need to look at the gorgeously presented cylinders of chocolate bliss!

As cacao is full of antioxidants and magnesium, and Mörk tastes better than an icy pole or paddle pop (remember those??) on a 40 degree day, this really is one 'super (cool) food'.

I'm sure you don't need us to tell you just how delicious these hot chocolate mixes are - if the flurry of activity in the Pookipoiga team around tea time (or should we say 'hot choccy time') isn't enough, I don't know what is!

There a 6 different flavours, so we can definitely help you work out which one to try first, or help you to carry all 6 to the counter.

For your standard hot chocolate, try Original Dark (70%) or Even Darker (85%). With just 3 ingredients, and dairy free, you have the option of making your hot choco exactly as you wish.

For the little ones (or those who prefer their hot chocs a little milkier), Junior Dark is 50% cacao, so a little less strong! Also dairy free.

For something a lil' bit different, try the Dark Milk and River Salt. It's 65% cacao, comes ready to go with a milky mix - just add hot water, and what's more with a hint of caramel and a tingle of salty delight. A real treat!

And now for the 2 wonderful collaborations...
Not only do you get the Original Dark mix from Mörk, but you get a small jar of goodness with it!

The first mix comes with Rooftop Honey, straight from the roof spaces of various cafes, hotels, restaurants and private gardens in Melbourne CBD. Rooftop honey are bee-activists, with the aim to help the global fight to save the bees from various threats of disease and habitat destruction. And what's more, did you know that it has been suggested that consuming local honey can help with hay fever? It doesn't get any more local than that!

The second comes with a jar of salted caramel from Lux Bite, a Melbourne dessert specialist. This is a sure way to tantalise your tastebuds! Salted caramel hot chocolate, does it get any better?

So head down and chat with your friendly Pookipoiga team member, who can certainly recommend the right Mörk for you.

We promise you'll keep coming back for Mör(k)!

Written lovingly by Jess :)


Photos courtesy of http://morkchocolate.com.au 

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