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Sarama the Shop Dog

We've had quite a bit of interest in Sarama the malamute (who doesn't like a shop dog!?), particularly in how she ended up working in such a fantastic shop as Pookipoiga in Richmond (if we do say so ourselves). She filled in an employment application and passed through the requisite hoops, landing herself the position of Official Canine Customer Service Extraordinaire.

How did she get to Pookipoiga, though? That is a journey that needs to be told.

After filling in dog adoption applications, needing a dog compatible with an angsty (but beautiful) three-legged cat, Kendall finally found a match in NSW. Charlie, aka Sarama, was adopted in December 2013 from AMRAA (Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia). She was a surprise for her dad...who was quite overwhelmed...and slightly confused (knowing Kendall had a fear of dogs....especially large ones!)


Kendall and Dan were told that Sarama was very timid and scared, but they had no further information in terms of how she had been treatment by her previous humans. It quickly became apparent that she had a fear of many things, including hoses, spray bottles and men. After a few days of settling in, her beautiful personality began to shine through. She got a what-for from the cat, then they settled in to friendship that blossomed...on the cat's terms...(what the cat says, goes).

We realised Sarama LOVED people. She goes everywhere with her humans, especially enjoying her volunteer role as Official Pat-Receiver in retirement villages. She loves nosing into people's rooms for hugs and attention - and the occasional teddy bear biscuit.

Three years down the track Kendall began working for some good friends at their super duper awesome gift shop, Pookipoiga, in Richmond. They asked her to bring Sarama in one day (for a trial). It turned out that she really has a knack for customer service. In alignment with ethical treatment of all animals, she gets paid handsomely for her time in pats, hugs and treats.

Dogs give nothing but love and compassion and have an incredible talent for picking up on emotions- so if you need a hug, a pat or a chat, Pookipoiga's doors (and paws) are always open.

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