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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas During Lockdown

“If evolution actually works, how come mothers only have two hands?” – Milton Berle It’s true that during this lockdown period, there will be a lot of us who can’t physically be with our mothers. We can’t do the things which we normally do every year like take them out somewhere special or just spend the whole day with them.  However, on the other side, have you thought about those mothers (especially the single ones) who with their kids at home, have the multitasking job of taking care of them, the household chores plus get on with their work from home jobs? So, yes how come mothers only have two hands? This said mothers have always been extraordinary in balancing...

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How to Take Care of Your Well-Being While Staying at Home

On World Health Day on April 7, let’s bow down to respect and thank the doctors, nurses, cleaners and all those workers who are at the forefront of the COVID-19 response. Appreciate and support them by staying home and distancing socially, so that there is less burden on their shoulders!While we are indoors and keeping our distance, make the most of it by staying healthy and happy mentally and physically, thus helping ourselves and the health system. We suggest that the best way this can be achieved is through some cookbooks, candles and, chocolates! Cookbooks   One of the best ways we can start taking care of our well-being is by eating healthy because a healthy diet is equal to a...

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Top Sustainable Products Created by Women

  It's International Women’s Day on March 8 and to celebrate this Pookipoiga brings you some very awesome earth-friendly products created by talented women from various backgrounds. From cosmetics to tea or from clothes to toys, let’s take a look at these wonderful brands founded by highly creative entrepreneurs who all have the common goal of saving the planet in their unique way!   One Happy Leaf On a mission to make the world a greener place, founder of this sustainable jewellery brand, Anna is passionate about making beautiful jewellery where fashion and sustainability can coexist. Whether it is the Koala Studs, Whale Brooch or Echidna Hairpins, these eco-friendly alternatives to mainstream jewellery are ideal for nature lovers and aspiring minimalists. The cute pieces...

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Top Eco-Friendly Valentines Gifts

Not red go green this Valentine by getting your better halves or partners gifts that show love to Mother Nature. Sustainable and unique, these love-filled and feel good gifts give way for romance that helps reconnect with the natural world!   Heart-Shaped Accessories If your girlfriend or wife is a fan of jewellery made from planet-friendly materials then get her Love Heart Earrings or Love Heart Hairpins from One Happy Leaf. Laser-cut from honey brown bamboo wood, One Happy Leaf crafts beautiful minimalistic jewellery designed for nature lovers who want to do good for the planet without compromising on style and uniqueness. As the brand points out, bamboo is not wood but grass and because it is grass, it will grow back, time and...

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Top Earth Conscious Aussie Souvenirs to Bring Home

Trips, vacations or holidays, everyone looks for something special from the place they have just traveled to carry back home as a memento of their visit. Moreover, friends and family back home always expect a keepsake too so it’s better to put your mind on getting something ace! Exclusively Australian, environmentally friendly and exceptionally original, these wonderful gifts made from brands that consider the planet’s health are the perfect souvenirs you can get for yourselves or give to your friends and family that will surely surprise and amaze them in is quality and sustainability.   Australia Sunshine or Australian Flora & Fauna (Hanky Fever). Hand printed and cotton this modern and whimsical twist on the modern hanky features many abstract maps and nature...

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