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How to Turn Kids Into Eco-Warriors During Lockdown

The air is less polluted, the sky clearer, and the water cleaner. Self-isolation and social distancing to an extent have reduced the carbon footprint giving the planet a chance to breathe and wildlife to be restored.  This said, while we are spending a lot of time at home, let’s take this opportunity to teach our children some simple steps of becoming an eco-conscious person!   “We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”                                                                                - Thomas Fuller Show the importance of saving water by turning off the tap when not in use. Sure, washing...

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How to Store Food in the Right and Safe Material

For all of those who are on the decision to start going green and want to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle, one of the first steps should be food storage. In today’s busy and fast-paced world where everyone is so busy, it might be difficult to get in the kitchen to cook up something fresh every single day. So typically what is done is that when we get the time we cook in large quantities and store it in a container and place it in the fridge for the following days. The same is done with leftovers or carrying snacks or lunch when on the go. So while doing all of this, it is important to consider the material used...

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