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10 Amazing Sustainable Gift Sets for Any Occasion

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or congratulations on that new house or a newborn baby, gifting brings joy along with building stronger connections. But picking out any random items for the sake of it or going with how expensive is this? does not make it truly valuable. An initial WOW! and a big smile when the box is opened yes, but weeks or months later, this fancy looking stuff will most likely end up among the waste! This said, the gifts you decide to give must be thoughtful, meaningful, and if it has an interesting story attached to it even better! Picking out products that are zero-waste and are useful is stepping in the right direction in terms of smarter consumption. We...

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5 Practical Upcycled Gift Ideas

To upcycle is to upscale your ideas and creativity to something that is of value and exceptional. Similar to recycling, upcycling involves reusing something so that it doesn’t end up in the trash. However, unlike recycling where in most cases the material is broken down and then crafted into something (like plastic bottles into toys for instance), this involves using parts of something to make new items while retaining certain fragments of the original product. So if you one of those people who like to take the pressure off the environment or if you have a friend who thinks the same, here are 5 brands that have created exciting and practical upcycled items with interesting stories making gifting even more...

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7 Exceptional Repurposed Gift Ideas

Some brands are simply born to create the coolest items from stuff that may end up polluting the earth. Whether it is coasters from airplane tyres or cufflinks from fire hoses, here is a list of 7 exceptional repurposed gift ideas that give a new life to the old!   - Elvis and Kresse Belts and Cufflinks For over a decade this brand has been rescuing all of London's retired fire-hose by creatively handcrafting them into sustainable luxury bags and accessories. Every year since Elvis & Kresse has donated 50% of the profits from the Fire-hose Collection to The Fire Fighters Charity. Elvis & Kresse’s Wrap-Around Cufflink is a classy and standout piece. Handmade to order from genuine decommissioned fire-hose that was previously...

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Top Sustainable Products Created by Women

  It's International Women’s Day on March 8 and to celebrate this Pookipoiga brings you some very awesome earth-friendly products created by talented women from various backgrounds. From cosmetics to tea or from clothes to toys, let’s take a look at these wonderful brands founded by highly creative entrepreneurs who all have the common goal of saving the planet in their unique way!   One Happy Leaf On a mission to make the world a greener place, founder of this sustainable jewellery brand, Anna is passionate about making beautiful jewellery where fashion and sustainability can coexist. Whether it is the Koala Studs, Whale Brooch or Echidna Hairpins, these eco-friendly alternatives to mainstream jewellery are ideal for nature lovers and aspiring minimalists. The cute pieces...

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Books for a Sustainable Lifestyle

For those who have woken up with the realization of how their present way of living is harming the environment day by day and want to change it, or for those who want to put in more effort and have more ideas in leading their already planet-friendly lifestyle then simply browse through these highly informative books Pookipoiga has to offer that will give you the advantage of a happy, healthy and sustained life! From publications such as Hardie Grant Books, Harper Collins, United Book Distributers, to name a few, these books are the go-getter for connecting with nature, healthy cooking, teaching kids about our lovely planet and last but not least on a whole becoming an eco-warrior in your way!...

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