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Thurlby Herb Farm

  Thurlby Herb Farm started as a small country business, located in the forests and farmlands of coastal Western Australia. Thirty years later and it has grown into a global business, who still keep their philosophies close to heart.     Thurlby's business is founded on strong environmental and ethical principles. Even their product packaging is sustainable. It is predominantly made from recycled cotton fibre – a by-product of the clothing industry.  Their philosophy is simple: to make beautiful botanical-based products, sourced from their local gardens and forests, without the harsh and synthetic additives that every family member can use (even the dog!) They also contain no parabens and no lauryl sulphates.   Some of the many products we stock of Thurlby...

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Sabine and Sparrow

Looking for some pampering? Or maybe you'd like to spoil a little one; Sabine and Sparrow have you covered on both fronts! Locally made in Melbourne, they have created unique and beautiful collections for the home, body and baby. This includes: Eye masks: Several trendy designs, with soft backing and elastic band. Blocks out unwanted light and is absolutely perfect for travel and a quick refresh. Eye pillows: Filled with locally sourced linseed, the gentle weight on your eyes will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Come in two scents; Lavender and Lemon, Chamomile and Spearmint. Heat packs: Whether you’ve got aches & pains or just need a little comfort, heat packs are the ultimate natural relief. Sabine and Sparrows standard heat packs are a great...

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Just remembered that Mothers Day is less than a week away? Realised you still need to rustle up some gifts for your lovely mum? Have no idea what your mum would like and feeling more stressed than an unfed puppy around dinner time?Well, fear no more! Pookipoiga will be your shiny, feel-good savior!Let us suggest some super quirky, super ethical and super sustainable gift ideas for your mum or mum equivalent.Nine Yaks Cashmere   Who doesn't love to snuggle into a warm luscious jumper or throw as the winter months draw near? Nine Yaks have a large array of beautiful, lux, and cuddly jumpers, ponchos, throws and shawls! Made ethically and sustainably, and supporting local communities in Nepal, these wonderful items...

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Our philosophy is 'Raw Philosophy'

Our philosophy is 'Raw' Philosophy
. Looking for a new skin product that is Australian made, eco-friendly and oh-so-good for you?We've searched far and wide, and have just the answer for you! Raw Philosophy is handmade in Melbourne. The philosophy is simple: why put anything on your skin that you wouldn't feel ok about ingesting?
 Whilst we don't suggest serving these products alongside your supper, we DO suggest you give them a go, your skin will love you for it!Raw Philosophy products are made from 100% natural ingredients, including organic butters, natural Australian clays, plant, floral and food-derived oils and 100% pure essential oils. The process aims to keep the ingredients raw, so the integrity of each product is maintained. All...

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Organics for Lily

A wide range of therapeutic flavours that are refreshing and delightful for the palate? TickNatural and evidence based ingredients made from a naturopathic background? Tick Organic ingredients sourced locally? Tick Small Australian family business? Tick 100% recycled packaging? Tick Free from harsh chemicals? Tick The best combination of wellness, flavour and ethics? Tick The ethos of Organics for Lily is "Changing the health of the world, one cup of tea at time". And changing the health of the world it is. Organics for Lily was created by Melissa Khonsavang in 2013, a Melbourne based naturopath who graduated from The Southern School of Natural therapies in 2009.   Melissa created the range as a blend of her love for tea and...

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