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The Best Christmas Cards in Australia

In today’s digital world, there is easy access to a variety of greeting cards online where you can just filter, select and press send to your loved and close ones. It also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly, cost less and of course can be easily shared. However, this said, does send ecards and viewing them on your screen make it more intimate and personal? Or does it end up as spam where it’s not given much of special value? Sending a traditional card even the simplest ones will have a greater meaning to the recipient. It shows that you went out of your way to choose a card with a lot of thought and consideration. A traditional...

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Novelty Gifts for Cat Lovers

It is impossible for a lover of cats to banish these alert, gentle, and discriminating little friends, who give us just enough of their regard and complaisance to make us hunger for more.                                                                                                            -Agnes Repplier If you are looking for a gift for a cat person scratch no more because here are some purrfect range of sustainable gifts you could get for that special feline lover and meWOW them with amazement!!   Tea Towels There can never be too many cats. Able and Game’s and Blue Q’s tea towels, Cats!Cats!Cats!, Cat Stack, People I Love: Cats, All State Cat Petting Championship, Wacky Feline Woman and Made from Scratch a filled with various animated poses of cats from being coy to mischievous. While Able and Game prints on...

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Awesome Gifts to Give a Vegan Friend this Christmas

If you have a Vegan friend or a friend who just turned Vegan and are confused about what to get them this Christmas worrying that they might over analyze your gift and get fussy and pick on its make or produce, then fear not because Pookipoiga’s offers some amazing and unique choices of Vegan products that will surely light up that Eco-conscious friends face!   Vegan Certified Chocolates Bring a sweet smile on your friend this Christmas with Bellabery’s Vegan Friends Dark Chocolate or Christmas Survival Milk Bar. Enjoyable and all-natural these chocolates come with expressive, fun and witty packaging and use Rainforest Alliance cocoa in their milk and dark chocolate which provides cocoa farmers across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia with...

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Sustainable Out of the Box Christmas Gift Ideas for Australia

  When most countries around the world celebrate a cold and white Christmas, Australia welcomes the annual festival in the sweet summertime. While others stay cozy indoors with family and friends and keep themselves warm, Australians go out to get some cold beer or have barbeques at the beach! This said, while the seasons might be different across the globe, the spirit of Christmas remains the same. It the time when families come together, gift each other wonderful presents and make merry. With the feeling remaining the same so should the thoughts for the environment around. Along gifting your loved and dear ones, consider gifting the earth as well. Celebrating a sustainable Christmas can benefit from, less wastage, encouragement of...

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Bellaberry’s Indulging and Expressive All-Natural Chocolates for All Occasions

Looking to gift chocolates that are healthy and bring a smile to the face? Well, then Pookipoiga offers the enjoyable and all-natural chocolate with various flavors from Bellaberry that comes with expressive, fun and witty packaging for different occasions, moods, situations, and ages. With a wide variety of choices that range from Christmas to Tourism or from Pharmacy to Vegan, this one of a kind chocolates that are a combination of taste and talk are encased in a hard-wearing matt laminated cardboard carton, with creative unique designs and words. With lines that say “World’s greatest pick-up bar” or “Some of my best friends are vegan” these organic chocolates are sure to lighten up even the grumpiest ones! Bellaberry’s core range includes birthday...

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