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5 Practical Upcycled Gift Ideas

To upcycle is to upscale your ideas and creativity to something that is of value and exceptional. Similar to recycling, upcycling involves reusing something so that it doesn’t end up in the trash. However, unlike recycling where in most cases the material is broken down and then crafted into something (like plastic bottles into toys for instance), this involves using parts of something to make new items while retaining certain fragments of the original product. So if you one of those people who like to take the pressure off the environment or if you have a friend who thinks the same, here are 5 brands that have created exciting and practical upcycled items with interesting stories making gifting even more...

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Keep Your Distance and Connect to Yourself!

Angry, frustrated, scared or bored? Maintaining a healthy and active mind is highly important during these testing times. Self-isolation and social-distancing can have a strong effect on one psychologically sometimes causing depression and anxiety. You could feel like you are doing nothing meaningful, irritated at the loss of personal freedom, financial tensions from being unable to work and just generally worried about yourself or your family members contracting COVID-19 or spreading it to others. What you need to do is snap out of these feelings when they begin to sweep in and find ways to keep yourself happy and entertained at home (and yes watching TV or web series the whole day does not fall into this!). Consider this lockdown...

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How to Turn Kids Into Eco-Warriors During Lockdown

The air is less polluted, the sky clearer, and the water cleaner. Self-isolation and social distancing to an extent have reduced the carbon footprint giving the planet a chance to breathe and wildlife to be restored.  This said, while we are spending a lot of time at home, let’s take this opportunity to teach our children some simple steps of becoming an eco-conscious person!   “We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”                                                                                - Thomas Fuller Show the importance of saving water by turning off the tap when not in use. Sure, washing...

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Upcycling Industrial Solid Waste to Glorious Items

Industries all around produce large amounts of waste and do not always know how to deal with it, while artists and designers are always on the lookout of sourcing new materials for inspiration. So, what’s the best idea? Bring them together and create something that one could have never imagined. When waste is transformed into art this is called upcycling. While recycling involves transforming materials, upcycling involves taking waste and changing its function. As far as industrial waste is concerned we picture waste tires, tubes, scrap metal, furniture, appliances and vehicles, construction debris and so on. After use, these usually end up in landfill which as a result affects the environment. Therefore, upcycling these wastes would mean avoiding this and conceiving...

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