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Thurlby Herb Farm


Thurlby Herb Farm started as a small country business, located in the forests and farmlands of coastal Western Australia. Thirty years later and it has grown into a global business, who still keep their philosophies close to heart. 


Thurlby's business is founded on strong environmental and ethical principles. Even their product packaging is sustainable. It is predominantly made from recycled cotton fibre – a by-product of the clothing industry. 

Their philosophy is simple: to make beautiful botanical-based products, sourced from their local gardens and forests, without the harsh and synthetic additives that every family member can use (even the dog!) They also contain no parabens and no lauryl sulphates. 

 Some of the many products we stock of Thurlby are:

- Pantry Poultry (to keep the bugs out of your pantry) 

- Clothes protectors and drawer sachets

- Forest blossom soap, blokes soap and woof wash

- Heat bags and eye pillows 

- Doorstops.

With such a versatile collection, there's a product that everyone will love. 

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