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tonlé - zero waste clothing

There is nothing more exciting to us than finding a product that has even less impact on the environment than zero. tonlé do just that - their motto is 'every thread counts', which embodies the way that they work within the environment, with the materials, and with the makers.


tonlé specialise in clothing that makes use of discarded materials, and then they make sure to use every single scrap of that material. Not only do they prevent such beautiful materials from going to landfill, but they also make amazing clothing and accessories.

Their design process begins with sourcing scrap waste from mass clothing manufacturers. It is estimated that anywhere between 15-20% of material used to produce clothing ends up as scrap, which is then thrown away as it is cheaper to do this than to recycle it. This creates a huge impact on the environment as it is dumped in landfill, which then decomposes and releases greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming. tonlé aim to change this practice.


tonlé are a US-based company that work under the guidelines of fair trade in Cambodia. Using every last thread, they create handmade clothing and accessories in fair conditions for Cambodian women, including a fair wage, good working environment and flexible hours. Each contribution to the products is recognised by the signature of their Cambodian makers.


"We believe style is more than what you wear – it’s what you choose to be a part of. When you buy tonlé, you're buying one-of-a-kind clothes that carry meaning across cultures and continents."

Be a part of the changing global fashion - make a difference by wearing clothes that are made by happy workers and reduce the impact on the environment. It's not hard to be ethical, sustainable and fair when you have the beautiful makers of tonlé.



tonlé creations available mid-December! Get in quick!!

**All photo credits to the team at tonlé.

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