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Unique Kris Kringle Gift Ideas for a Coworker

Gifting your colleagues can be stressful especially when you want to give it that 110% in impressing each personality type! With ease, let us help you achieve this with a selection of some quirky novelty gift ideas that bring a big ethical smile!
From the intern to the boss, take the creative route, and add that personal touch with meaningful gifts suited for different kinds of colleagues at your workplace. Go beyond the professional working relationship and show that you actually care and value them!


herbal eye pillows

For the Workaholic

Early to work and late to home. Yes, there are those workaholics who probably put you to shame with their over dedication and theory eat, sleep, and pray work!! Just to show that they are which kind of works both ways - one in making them realise that they are and two that they also need to take a chill pill and give time to themselves. Try gifting the Relax me Tea from Organics for Lily, Lavender Relaxation Pack from ANSC, the  Pamper Packs from Eco Max, Snooze Bunny from Thurlby Herb Farm, or those soothing eye pillows from Thurlby Herb Farm or Sabine and Sparrow.


serving paddle and shot glasses

For the Party Lover

Get sloshed and party till sunrise! Yup, that’s always the weekend plan for that extrovert team member of yours. For that work hard party harder colleague of yours, who also like to entertain people at home are sure to love Gentleman’s Hardware’s Bartender Mixology Kit or Serving Paddle and Shot Glasses. On the other hand, entertaining it doesn’t always mean alcohol! Those who like host elegant tea parties will be more than excited to set the table with the Deluxe Tea Party Gift Pack from Organics for Lily. Loose tea is always appreciated for this kind of gathering!!

Travel Holder

For the Travel Lover

Labour Day or Easter break, there are people or a person at your workplace who make the most of every big or small holiday to pack their bags and travel (probably brag about it when they get back from their expeditions….but hey it's their passion to tour and explore!) Sooooo for all those travel junkies try turning them into being responsible ones through simple accessories such as the bamboo Travel Toothbrush Holder from Aroha Earth, Travel Holder from The Wren Design, or even the fun and colourful tourist hankies from Hanky Fever.


Philodendron Cordatum

For the Boss

Now, this is an area that requires a lot of thought! You want to say I care but at the same time, you don’t want to come across as a total suck-up! Here is an idea, how about gifting a beautiful variety of indoor plants? In this way, you can show that your green thoughts, plus gifting plants have a way of saying I respect you and care about your well-being. Your boss will always remember you when they admire that Philodendron Cordatum or Phalaenopsis Orchid and you never know a promotion might be on the way!!


crystal soap bar

For the Office Bestie

You might want to go an extra mile for this one and something extra unique! Gift that go-to colleague who you trust the most and feel free to share everything! Show that they are special by gifting something luxurious and slightly fancy like Nine Yaks’ Luxury Series Cashmere Shawls, or ANSC’s Crystal Soaps or Rollers that are all about positivity (just like your bestie), or some delicious scented candles made from reclaimed wine and beer bottles from Mojo Candles.


survival kit

For the Intern

Remember the time you were an intern? Motivated yes, hardworking yes but let's face it sometimes it’s not that easy to be around some intimidating people, especially in the big corporate world. Make them feel at ease with some sarcastic humor with gifts such as Gentleman Hardware’s Survival Kit! It may be a perfect outdoor companion but hey the 6-in 1 penknife tool might come in handy at a party in the workplace! Let them enjoy the attention then!


Insulated Lunch Bag

For the Foodie

There is always that one person who brings the best homemade lunch all so prepped up that might put your boring sandwich from the next-door deli to shame! These passion for culinary creation people deserve some high-quality stuff to keep their gourmet meals fresh and even classier! Insulated Lunch Bags from Earth Bottle and Seed and Sprout Co or the Insulated Food Flask from the same brand are super practical sustainable food storages to carry in style! Maybe next time you might get a taste of those mouth-watering dishes!


Indoor Table Tennis Set

For the Fitness Conscious Ones

And then there those who never like to compromise on their fitness routine. If they don’t get the time to hit the gym in their busy schedules they make up for it by walking or taking the bicycle to work to get their daily dose of exercise. This said, engaging in a sport at work is surely something these people will love. Ridley's Games Indoor Table Tennis Set makes the perfect gift idea that keeps one active during those short breaks. Besides research has shown that employees who enjoy this sport have higher job satisfaction and feel more connected with their colleagues! A win-win situation for all!!