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What to buy for someone who has it all…

Christmas is a time for giving, but surely you want to make sure that you give something different. You don’t want to give the same old socks and jocks that your grandpa gets for you every year. Leave the practical gifts to grandpa and take some inspiration from us!
Trivets: these guys are too cool for school and are a risk-free gift idea. Made from recycled aeroplane tyres (along with a smidgeon of new rubber to keep it all together), you can mix and match to make artwork (I mean, coasters) on your dining table.                                                                                            
     6-pack $29.99    
 12-pack $44.00
Earrings: Made from the leftover materials from the trivets, I’ll bet you never thought someone you know would end up wearing aeroplane tyres in their ears – don’t worry, they don’t fly!                                     
From $49.90
Do you live in Melbourne? Are you well-accustomed to the rapid changes in weather that are occasionally not predicted by the Weather Bureau? Well, this is where Nine Yaks come in – a Natural Cashmere Shawl that you can slip into your bag for those weather change emergencies. Look stylish and smug when everyone else is freezing and wondering when you got to be so organized! Gender neutral colours mean that you can give it to the man or woman in your life and they will both be equally as pleased as punch!      
What about a tea towel? No? That’s boring, you say? Not with Able and Game. Their obsession with cats has not gone far enough! Or, you could find one without a single cat in sight. Buy someone a tea towel – encourage them to do the dishes, it’s your night off!                                                            
Ceramic planters are all the rage, but only if they’re in the shape of a giraffe, dinosaur or unicorn. Or maybe, a cat, dog, turtle… Let’s start again, ceramic planters are all the rage! Spice up your space and invite the wilderness in. They will look after your plants and scare away the snails, looking uber cool as they do it.         
From $45.00
Does your man need a new smell? Too worried that you'll hurt his feelings if you tell him so? Solid State have got you covered! Made in Melbourne from natural ingredients in the form of a wax that can travel anywhere without the fear of spillage, your man will be smelling good in no time. Don't sniff him in public...that's weird.
These gifts not quite what you're looking for? Are you looking for something a little more impersonal? Something for your boss, a coworker, your fifth cousin twice removed? Stay tuned for the next blog: Impersonal (but totally awesome) Gifts for the Cheapos!

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