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Winter is Coming- Time to warm up with some Nine Yaks Clothing!

It's that time of the year again when hot soups and hot chocolates are at the forefront of every menu, and you find yourself at home in your pyjamas til 5pm on the weekend as it's too cold to venture out! Side note: Usually after a 'productive' day of completing an entire season on netflix (guilty as charged), rereading your favourite series, or baking up a storm.

Whilst many of us spend the winter months wishing the time away until that summer sun ventures our way, not all hope is lost! Be prepared to turn that frown upside down, because Nine Yaks is here to wipe away your winter tears! (Though not literally, please!)

Nine Yaks are a brand that TRULY cares. Its mission is to provide you with high quality fashion that doesn't cost the earth.

Nine Yaks works directly with artisans, providing them with economic independence and empowering communities.

Nine Yaks also promotes environmental sustainability by only using the most natural of resources. All ponchos, wraps, scarves and throws are made from 100% Cashmere or Linen, and the dyes are vegetable-based.

There is so much to love about Nine Yaks, from the friendly and efficient service, to its transparency and commitment to high quality ethical and sustainable manufacturing, to its part in creating the culture supporting conscious consumerism.

Because there is too much Nine Yaks awesomeness to write about it all and still have time to walk the dogs, today we will look at 3 of our current favourite Nine Yaks pieces.

1. Poncho
100% Cashmere, ethically produced by the community for the community, and over 20 different fun colours. From deep reds, to baby blues, to French greys, to chocolate browns there really is a colour to suit everyone! Need we say more?

2. Cable-knit shawl
These super-soft shawls come in both natural and dyed varieties, and are also made from 100% cashmere. The hand-knitted cable style is super trendy, and will dress up even the most neutral of stereotypical Melbourne winter wardrobes (for those not from Melbourne this is an all grey, black or brown ensemble!).
The natural variety comes in three greys: light, mid and charcoal, and the dyed variety comes in black, denim, stone, cornflower blue and navy.

3. Chunky cashmere throw
This is certainly one versatile cashmere accessory. The throw is large enough for you to snuggle up to on the couch with a warm cuppa tea, but also can be worn as a thick and hearty wrap, keeping both your neck and heart warm with all the goodness that Nine Yaks items provide. All chunky throws are 100% natural, non-dyed cashmere, so when you are wrapped up in this throw you are basically wrapped up in Mother Earth.


If you need any more reasons to love Nine Yaks, then head on down to Pookipoiga to check out all the Nine Yaks wonderfullness, and speak to the team who can share a story or two!

Written in good humour always by Jess :)

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