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How to Kick Start on an Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

A “fresh-start” is what spring cleaning is all about.  And what else is more pure and natural than cleaning your home with products that love Mother Earth! Go Eco with spring cleaning this year and welcome the season of new beginnings with these basics that throw ‘toxic’ off the window!!



Replace conventional, chemical-laden cleaning, and cleaning products with essential oils. Benefiting your health along with a smaller impact on the environment, get the most of these magical all-natural oils in many different ways! 

Diffusing is a great way to bring the outdoors in! Put a little essential oil on an oil burner and they are great for relieving seasonal allergy symptoms. Bergamot oil with its anti-viral properties or a combination of lemon, lavender, and peppermint blends are perfect for this! Moreover, diffusing is a great way to bring the outdoors in. Citrus, floral or earthy, bring the nature inside!

This said, bringing the nature in would also mean a full force of insects! Fortunately, eucalyptus oil can help repel fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs. And both eucalyptus oil and lavender oil can be used to relieve the itch and sting of bees, mosquito, and other insect bites.

Speaking of lavender essential oil, adding a few drops of it to your laundry makes those sheets smell fresh for the season.  And lemon essential oil also known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties freshens the air, deodorises the refrigerator, and degreases difficult stains. Likewise, Tea Tree oil is an excellent cleaning product too. Anti-bacterial as well with disinfectant properties make it ideal for use on work surfaces to get them clean and free from germs.

Aside from cleaning up, essential oils also help boost immunity! Grapefruit and orange oils both contain vitamin C, so adding a few drops of these in your drinking water can help combat those viruses in the air!



A thorough spring cleaning will include defending your home against pests.  And these usually involve cozying up in warm, moist place like cupboards, drawers, and those hidden corners of the kitchen. Yes cleaning using essentials oils do help but a naturally tough repellent is more effective in protecting!

Thurlby Herb Farm has the best all-natural repellents that keep these crawlers at bay. Made up of herbal extracts, these items are crafted in such a way that there are aesthetically pleasing and fiercely protective as well! Try hanging the Oriental Cottage Clothing Protector or Go Wild Clothing Protector or the Bush Blend Kinjarran Clothing Protector in your cupboards, your clothes will smell fresh for the season while deterring the moths naturally!! And if it for your pantry, chickens might be the best guards! The Kitchen Poultry Coloured adorably safeguards your kitchen from those little critters!



Bring spring inside! To create a breath of fresh air, grow, or place some indoor plants in your busy space. Some beautiful ornamental houseplants that require little maintenance as well include the trendy and modern Peperomia Napoli Nights, the eye-catching Peperomia Rosso, the statement plant Philodendron Xanadu or the majestic and long-lasting Spathiphyllum Peace Lily.

And if you would like to know more about growing indoor plants check out the books 50 Indoor Plants & How Not to Kill ThemNew Plant Parent, or Forest Air: Norwegian Secrets For Creating Forest Air In Your Home. These books extensively guide on bringing in the outdoors along with the benefits of it. And if you are looking to green up your space in decorative pots, then grow them in unusual earth-friendly ceramic pots from Gail Ceramics such as the Giraffe Planter or Dinosaur Planter that will hold your plant and take charge, protecting them from snails, snugs, and bugs.




Well, there can’t be a spring cleaning without the scrubbing and sweeping! The Eco Max Scrub Brush is a Japanese inspired scrubbing brush that is a combination of two vegetable fibres fixed onto a rounded and comfortable to hold FSC certified rubber wood base to make the ultimate natural scrub brush. For the dishes, the Eco Max Dish Brush or the Non Stick Pan Brush are the ones. While the former is handmade from natural unbleached coconut fibre which is a sustainable fibre from the husk of the mature coconut, the latter is constructed on a sustainable Alstonia timber handle with soft natural unbleached sisal fibres, which comes from the leaves of a cactus. Both don’t scratch heavy or delicate items and get those dishes and pans shiny and spotless!


An environmentally responsible way to spring cleaning!!