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Awesome Gifts to Give a Vegan Friend this Christmas

If you have a Vegan friend or a friend who just turned Vegan and are confused about what to get them this Christmas worrying that they might over analyze your gift and get fussy and pick on its make or produce, then fear not because Pookipoiga’s offers some amazing and unique choices of Vegan products that will surely light up that Eco-conscious friends face!   Vegan Certified Chocolates Bring a sweet smile on your friend this Christmas with Bellabery’s Vegan Friends Dark Chocolate or Christmas Survival Milk Bar. Enjoyable and all-natural these chocolates come with expressive, fun and witty packaging and use Rainforest Alliance cocoa in their milk and dark chocolate which provides cocoa farmers across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia with...

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From Scrap Rubber to Indispensable and Fashionable Accessories

Ever imagined whether the rubber from plane tyres, bicycle tubes, and fire hoses can be transformed into chic bags, belts or earrings? Well yes because Alchemy Goods, Champ Co, and Elvis & Kresse have taken up the creative challenge in making this possible with common the goal of circumventing landfills. Highly durable and non-biodegradable, tires or hoses tend to consume a lot of space in landfills. They can trap methane gases, causing them to become buoyant. This, as a result, can damage landfill liners that have been installed to help keep landfill contaminants from polluting local surface and groundwater. In addition to this, these scrap stockpiles can create health and safety risks. Fires can occur easily leading to heavy pollution...

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Fire hoses transformed by Elvis and Kresse

Elvis and Kresse fell in love with London's decommissioned fire-hoses back in 2005 through a chance encounter with the London Fire Brigade. Hence took this lifesaving material home determined to breathe new life into it and save it from its otherwise inevitable end in landfill, and vowed to donate 50% of our profits to charity.    For over a decade Elvis and Kresse have been rescuing all of London's retired fire-hose by lovingly handcrafting them into sustainable luxury bags and accessories like belts and cufflinks. Admire them here.  Every year since, they have donated 50% of the profits from the Fire-hose Collection to The Fire Fighters Charity. This heroic material, once used to save lives, gets a second chance to keep giving...

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