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Sustainable Out of the Box Christmas Gift Ideas for Australia

  When most countries around the world celebrate a cold and white Christmas, Australia welcomes the annual festival in the sweet summertime. While others stay cozy indoors with family and friends and keep themselves warm, Australians go out to get some cold beer or have barbeques at the beach! This said, while the seasons might be different across the globe, the spirit of Christmas remains the same. It the time when families come together, gift each other wonderful presents and make merry. With the feeling remaining the same so should the thoughts for the environment around. Along gifting your loved and dear ones, consider gifting the earth as well. Celebrating a sustainable Christmas can benefit from, less wastage, encouragement of...

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The Sustainable Fashion Movement

Trends, fashion, and style, clothing is something everyone wants and uses, making it an incredibly accessible medium that can effect change for the average person. Just like fast food, fast fashion is a growing reality in today’s world. Instead of waiting for new seasonal collections, consumers want to get their hands on a continuous cycle of the latest trends throughout the year in an inexpensive way. However just as how fast food can harm our bodies in the longer run, so does fast fashion on the environment around us. Slow fashion or rather ethical fashion is eco-friendly clothes that can make a positive impact on the world around us. Although fast fashion clothing might be cheaper with designs taken right...

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Nine Yaks Scrumptious Cashmere

As Melbourne's weather cools down; as the sunny days become more rare and the rain becomes less of a possibility and more of a probability, we are turning towards clothing that we can wear like a second skin. If I were a goat, I would certainly carry around some extra wool knitted in the shape of a poncho, or a cardigan, or a jumper. As a matter of fact, even though I'm human, I want to do the same. Luckily for me, we are stocking a variety of Nine Yaks Cashmere designs. Not only are they light, warm, scrumptious and even more amazing than you could possibly imagine, but they are ethical as well! What? Ethical as well? Awesome! My favourite is...

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