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How to Spend National Families Week at Home

“Creating a warm, caring, supportive, encouraging environment is probably the most important thing you can do for your family.”     - Stephen R. Convey National Families Week in Australia is all about celebrating the meaning of family and making the most of family life. From May 15th – 20th, the week gives importance to the vital role families play in Australian society and the critical role they play in teaching, supporting, and nurturing children while growing up. True that sometimes family life can be challenging because of personality clashes and so on but it remains valuable by large and the best place where, well, you can be yourself! The importance of our families comes to light especially during tough times like...

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How to Turn Kids Into an Eco-Warrior During Self-Isolation

  The air is less polluted, the sky clearer and the water cleaner. Self-isolation and social distancing have, to an extent, reduced the carbon footprint ,giving the planet a chance to breathe and wildlife to be restored. Staying indoors and practicing good hygiene is the single most important thing every individual should be doing during these testing times around the globe.  On the other hand, while taking these safety measures, another practice we could carry out while indoors is to incorporate sustainability into our lifestyle. Along with ourselves, let’s also take this opportunity of self-isolation for the future leaders of this planet,and the kids, and teach them the simple steps of becoming an eco-warrior from their own home. We can...

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