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Top Earth Conscious Aussie Souvenirs to Bring Home

Trips, vacations or holidays, everyone looks for something special from the place they have just traveled to carry back home as a memento of their visit. Moreover, friends and family back home always expect a keepsake too so it’s better to put your mind on getting something ace! Exclusively Australian, environmentally friendly and exceptionally original, these wonderful gifts made from brands that consider the planet’s health are the perfect souvenirs you can get for yourselves or give to your friends and family that will surely surprise and amaze them in is quality and sustainability.   Australia Sunshine or Australian Flora & Fauna (Hanky Fever). Hand printed and cotton this modern and whimsical twist on the modern hanky features many abstract maps and nature...

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Bellaberry’s Indulging and Expressive All-Natural Chocolates for All Occasions

Looking to gift chocolates that are healthy and bring a smile to the face? Well, then Pookipoiga offers the enjoyable and all-natural chocolate with various flavors from Bellaberry that comes with expressive, fun and witty packaging for different occasions, moods, situations, and ages. With a wide variety of choices that range from Christmas to Tourism or from Pharmacy to Vegan, this one of a kind chocolates that are a combination of taste and talk are encased in a hard-wearing matt laminated cardboard carton, with creative unique designs and words. With lines that say “World’s greatest pick-up bar” or “Some of my best friends are vegan” these organic chocolates are sure to lighten up even the grumpiest ones! Bellaberry’s core range includes birthday...

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Mörk Artisan Hot Chocolate

The latest addition to the Pookipoiga team are Melbourne-based artisan chocolatiers Mörk. Mörk were inspired by Melbourne's world class coffee scene and had the vision to bring artesian specialty chocolate into the mix.Not only is Mörk chocolate delightfully delicious - but it has a truly fantastic ethos behind it.   All Mörk ingredients are 100% traceable. Mork has chosen not to display their Fair Trade or Organic certifications, as whilst they are both important concepts, universal regulation of these certifications is tricky and unfortunately the logo is not always enough to guarantee ethical production and quality. It can be a bit confusing for consumers wanting to make informed choices! Mörk trace their ingredients every step of the way to ensure...

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