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Top Earth Conscious Aussie Souvenirs to Bring Home

Trips, vacations or holidays, everyone looks for something special from the place they have just traveled to carry back home as a memento of their visit. Moreover, friends and family back home always expect a keepsake too so it’s better to put your mind on getting something ace! Exclusively Australian, environmentally friendly and exceptionally original, these wonderful gifts made from brands that consider the planet’s health are the perfect souvenirs you can get for yourselves or give to your friends and family that will surely surprise and amaze them in is quality and sustainability.   Australia Sunshine or Australian Flora & Fauna (Hanky Fever). Hand printed and cotton this modern and whimsical twist on the modern hanky features many abstract maps and nature...

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One Happy Leaf’s Sustainable Jewellery Made from Bamboo

Like choosing the best clothing choosing the best jewellery is also important in making a style statement. We always look for that flawless piece that goes good with our chosen outfit and at the same time is somewhat edgy and distinctive. The problem however with mainstream jewellery is that its production can potentially harm nature. This is because, to obtain those shiny metals of gold, silver, platinum, white gold and gemstones that are used on precious metal jewellery is that the land must be mined which in turn destroys the natural landscape and harms animals and plants in the area. In addition to this loss of natural biodiversity, the process of mining also creates its chemical pollutants. This said the...

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Erika Harder Jewellery

Here at Pookipoiga we are so lucky to stock some absolutely amazing products, and we are delighted to introduce our new jeweller, Erika Harder. Her story began two years ago, when her best friend told her that she had been signed up to her Christmas Fete at work. Erika was working full time as a secondary school teacher, was a milliner by trade and had planned to start her own business making wedding dresses. When asked what she was to make for the market her friend looked at her and simply said, "I don't know, you make beautiful things. You'll work it out."Challenged and pressed for time, Erika visited her local gift shop in Hawthorn to get ideas. After noticing...

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