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Top Valentines Gifts for Earth-Lovers

Not red go green this Valentine by getting your better halves or partners gifts that show love to Mother Nature. Sustainable and unique, these love-filled and feel good gifts give way for romance that helps reconnect with the natural world!   Heart-Shaped Accessories If your girlfriend or wife is a fan of jewellery made from planet-friendly materials then get her Love Heart Earrings or Love Heart Hairpins from One Happy Leaf. Laser-cut from honey brown bamboo wood, One Happy Leaf crafts beautiful minimalistic jewellery designed for nature lovers who want to do good for the planet without compromising on style and uniqueness. As the brand points out, bamboo is not wood but grass and because it is grass, it will grow back, time and...

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When Domestic Housekeeping is all about Keeping it Green!

Sustainable practices in cleaning your home begin with using the right products that are energy-saving, toxin-free and biodegradable. The power is literally in your hands when you want a super tidy and clean home without having to waste resources or use products that can harm the environment. A resourceful solution is to go the old-age way by using products that are naturally derived. Mostly handmade by highly skilled people, these alternatives like brooms or brushes compost at the end of their life leaving no marks unlike their plastic counterparts or electrically powered machines or chemical-filled liquids that end up in landfills and let out toxins in your house and surroundings. Using ethically made cleaning equipment and products is the ultimate...

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Leave No Trace: Essentials for Nature Friendly Camping

The best time to camp around Australia is between October and April when the weather is just perfect and the beauty of nature can be thoroughly enjoyed. Pookipoiga recommends a list of practical and earth-conscious items that you should carry for a green camping experience and a sustainable connection with nature.   CUTLERY & FOOD STORAGE Reusable Cups – For those cold days or nights in the wild, warm up by having hot coffee in Earth Bottle’s Reusable Coffee Cup which is made of 18/8 stainless steel and capable of keeping your hot beverage warmer for a long time. Whearas, if you want to retain your sense of style whilst being socially responsible and environmentally friendly, sip your drink in KeepCup’s Changemakers that is designed...

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