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Top Valentines Gifts for Earth-Lovers

Not red go green this Valentine by getting your better halves or partners gifts that show love to Mother Nature. Sustainable and unique, these love-filled and feel good gifts give way for romance that helps reconnect with the natural world!   Heart-Shaped Accessories If your girlfriend or wife is a fan of jewellery made from planet-friendly materials then get her Love Heart Earrings or Love Heart Hairpins from One Happy Leaf. Laser-cut from honey brown bamboo wood, One Happy Leaf crafts beautiful minimalistic jewellery designed for nature lovers who want to do good for the planet without compromising on style and uniqueness. As the brand points out, bamboo is not wood but grass and because it is grass, it will grow back, time and...

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Wren Design – Paper Bags to Carry in Style

When it comes to innovation with paper, Wren Design is the one. A company recognized for producing remarkable accessories that are made from recycled packaging paper which is fused to the fabric and coated to be water-resistant, WREN’s range of products includes laptop bags, device covers, and gift stationery. A combination of simple design and eco-friendly manufacturing the Wren Design holds a reputation for sustainable manufacturing, fair business ethics, innovation, and quality workmanship.   How it’s done Ok firstly, recycled brown paper is collected from a local packaging factory. This is then screen-printed, fused to special cotton that makes it strong enough to stitch, which is later coated with Nano Liquid Glass to be water-resistant. The treatment using fusion and coating...

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