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International Forest Day with Products that Celebrate Forests!

According to the UN’s official website, the theme for 2020’s International Forest Day on March 21st is ‘Forests and Biodiversity.’ Everything we do whether it is what we wear, write, read or eat is all connected to this biologically-diverse ecosystem which is vital for us to sustain.Therefore let’s show our concern and love for forests by gifting ourselves products from sustainable brands which in every ‘sense’ celebrate our wonderful forests!   Smell the Luscious Forests! Tantalize the senses with an indulgent blend of forest berries along with jasmine and French lilac with Mojo Candle Co.’s natural soy wax Violet and Frosted Berries Wine Bottle Candle. The deep mix of wild boysenberry, raspberry, strawberry with violet and vanilla are so delightfully fragrant...

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The Best Planet-Friendly Christmas Cards in Australia Right Now

In today’s digital world, there is easy access to a variety of greeting cards online where you can just filter, select and press send to your loved and close ones. It also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly, cost less and of course can be easily shared. However, this said, does send ecards and viewing them on your screen make it more intimate and personal? Or does it end up as spam where it’s not given much of special value? Sending a traditional card even the simplest ones will have a greater meaning to the recipient. It shows that you went out of your way to choose a card with a lot of thought and consideration. A traditional...

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EcoBling Jewellery

EcoBling create beauty from the craziest things - a necklace made from an old (loose translation: vintage) washing machine - not the whole washing machine (too heavy); earrings from recycled beer bottles (what better can be done with a beer bottle minus the beer?); a staircase moulded into the kind of style that stands out in the masses - a stepping stone to stardom, excuse the pun. At last count EcoBling had diverted 3 tonnes of waste from landfill and transformed it into sustainable, environment and people-friendly jewellery. Not only do EcoBling create beautiful pieces from recycled materials that would otherwise end up as landfill, but they also do all sorts of other amazing things. They work with Indigenous artists throughout Australia in order...

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