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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Just remembered that Mothers Day is less than a week away? Realised you still need to rustle up some gifts for your lovely mum? Have no idea what your mum would like and feeling more stressed than an unfed puppy around dinner time?Well, fear no more! Pookipoiga will be your shiny, feel-good savior!Let us suggest some super quirky, super ethical and super sustainable gift ideas for your mum or mum equivalent.Nine Yaks Cashmere   Who doesn't love to snuggle into a warm luscious jumper or throw as the winter months draw near? Nine Yaks have a large array of beautiful, lux, and cuddly jumpers, ponchos, throws and shawls! Made ethically and sustainably, and supporting local communities in Nepal, these wonderful items...

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EcoBling Jewellery

EcoBling create beauty from the craziest things - a necklace made from an old (loose translation: vintage) washing machine - not the whole washing machine (too heavy); earrings from recycled beer bottles (what better can be done with a beer bottle minus the beer?); a staircase moulded into the kind of style that stands out in the masses - a stepping stone to stardom, excuse the pun. At last count EcoBling had diverted 3 tonnes of waste from landfill and transformed it into sustainable, environment and people-friendly jewellery. Not only do EcoBling create beautiful pieces from recycled materials that would otherwise end up as landfill, but they also do all sorts of other amazing things. They work with Indigenous artists throughout Australia in order...

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