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Paper wallets - made in the US

Sustainability doesn't need to cost an arm or a leg or whatever else you value. If you have purchased one of your favourite items or browsed our sweet little shop, Pookipoiga, you already know how much thought we put into products before they get into our store. We are excited to feature paper wallets --- designed by various international artists including Ai Weiwei, Split, Ali Gulec, etc. PaperWallets are made from Tyvek, which is partly made from consumer recycled plastic. It is 100% recyclable!  It morphs into the shape of whatever you throw inside and holds up to 6 cards in each credit card slot!  Each one of the Paperwallet Tyvek® accessories incorporates a super intelligent origami design thus giving you space for credit-card slots, business card flaps, cash...

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