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Repurpose Left Over Fabric: The Idea of Embracing Conscious Clothing by DEVOI

  Princess cut, basque cut, bias cut, halter cut, mermaid cut, when it comes to women’s fashion is it the various stylish cuts and exceptional stitching that makes an outfit a statement of its own. Designers are in the race to create unique garments that compliment different body types and tastes. When given a fabric they get creative on cutting and designing the perfect silhouette that flatters a women’s body shape from any angle. All of this is very important especially when you are fashion conscious and want to keep up with the trend, and truly hats off to the designers in coming up with such ideas that boost our confidence while worn. However, while all of this is aesthetically...

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Designed to do Good: Handmade Crocheted Toys from Pebble Toys

  The sheer smile and amusement expressed when a baby or toddler holds an attractive and cute is the purest joy in this world. When choosing a toy, parents or grandparents consider a lot of factors such as if the toys are well-made, if their child or grandchild is physically ready for the toy, if the toy is the right size and weight and last but not least if the toy is safe and non-toxic. A beautiful toy with all these qualities are available from several top brands and can be purchased from anywhere these days, but would that define special? Or would special be something that will bring happiness on your child’s face and at the same time also...

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 2019

Mother’s Day; that time of year where we’re inundated with messages to buy anything and everything that’s floral, pink or cooking-related. But what about those that don’t fit this stereotypical view of what it means to be a Mum? No matter what type of relationship you have with your Mum, or any other female figure, we hope to help you show your appreciation in an impactful way. How about these weird and wonderful things: Candles made out of wine bottles. Mojo make these in Bowral, and have made a limited edition scent for Mother’s Day - “Shanghai blossom”. Chocolates made by Three Michelin Star chocolatier, Catherine. We’ve just received special Mother’s Day packs, with delicious lychee, raspberry & rose hearts....

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