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A Bowl of Sustainable Gifts for the Cat Person

It is impossible for a lover of cats to banish these alert, gentle, and discriminating little friends, who give us just enough of their regard and complaisance to make us hunger for more.                                                                                                             -Agnes Repplier   If you are looking for a gift for a cat person scratch no more because here are some purrfect range of sustainable gifts you could get for that special feline lover and mewow them with amazement!!   Tea Towels There can never be too many cats. Able and Game’s and Blue Q’s tea towels, Cats!Cats!Cats!, Cat Stack, People I Love: Cats, All State Cat Petting Championship, Wacky Feline Woman and Made from Scratch a filled with various animated poses of cats from being coy to mischievous. While Able and Game prints...

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When Domestic Housekeeping is all about Keeping it Green!

Sustainable practices in cleaning your home begin with using the right products that are energy-saving, toxin-free and biodegradable. The power is literally in your hands when you want a super tidy and clean home without having to waste resources or use products that can harm the environment. A resourceful solution is to go the old-age way by using products that are naturally derived. Mostly handmade by highly skilled people, these alternatives like brooms or brushes compost at the end of their life leaving no marks unlike their plastic counterparts or electrically powered machines or chemical-filled liquids that end up in landfills and let out toxins in your house and surroundings. Using ethically made cleaning equipment and products is the ultimate...

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Plywood Toys: Design and Sustainability in One

Wooden toys by large have not gone out of fashion over the years as they remain central play object of homes, playgroups, and schools almost everywhere. The wonderful fact about wooden toys is a sense of tradition and nostalgia attached to it in its solid form and the way it’s crafted which allows the parents to wistfully recall their childhood when choosing toys for their little ones. When compared to the over sophisticated toys or gadgets of the digital age, wooden toys make a mark in its superior qualities such as being environmentally sound, having educational properties, safety, durability, and the ability to promote social interaction. Offering a direct connection to the natural world for children, wooden toys have that...

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