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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Just remembered that Mothers Day is less than a week away? Realised you still need to rustle up some gifts for your lovely mum? Have no idea what your mum would like and feeling more stressed than an unfed puppy around dinner time?Well, fear no more! Pookipoiga will be your shiny, feel-good savior!Let us suggest some super quirky, super ethical and super sustainable gift ideas for your mum or mum equivalent.Nine Yaks Cashmere   Who doesn't love to snuggle into a warm luscious jumper or throw as the winter months draw near? Nine Yaks have a large array of beautiful, lux, and cuddly jumpers, ponchos, throws and shawls! Made ethically and sustainably, and supporting local communities in Nepal, these wonderful items...

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Erika Harder Jewellery

Here at Pookipoiga we are so lucky to stock some absolutely amazing products, and we are delighted to introduce our new jeweller, Erika Harder. Her story began two years ago, when her best friend told her that she had been signed up to her Christmas Fete at work. Erika was working full time as a secondary school teacher, was a milliner by trade and had planned to start her own business making wedding dresses. When asked what she was to make for the market her friend looked at her and simply said, "I don't know, you make beautiful things. You'll work it out."Challenged and pressed for time, Erika visited her local gift shop in Hawthorn to get ideas. After noticing...

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tonlé - zero waste clothing

There is nothing more exciting to us than finding a product that has even less impact on the environment than zero. tonlé do just that - their motto is 'every thread counts', which embodies the way that they work within the environment, with the materials, and with the makers.                                  tonlé specialise in clothing that makes use of discarded materials, and then they make sure to use every single scrap of that material. Not only do they prevent such beautiful materials from going to landfill, but they also make amazing clothing and accessories. Their design process begins with sourcing scrap waste from mass clothing manufacturers....

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