Moon Turtle Mood Journal
Moon Turtle Mood Journal

Moon Turtle

Moon Turtle Mood Journal


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Originally designed by Imogen and Anna for young people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it's useful for anyone who wants to manage their mental health and well-being better. Standard mood charts - regularly handed out to those who are newly diagnosed - are often sterile and clinical looking. Moon Turtle is a user-friendly journal that helps people record important day-to-day information, tracking a variety of factors, such as sleep, mood, daily commitments, goals and medication use.
​It also helps with noticing patterns that can lead to better or worse days.


What size is the Moon Turtle journal?
They are 148 x 210 mm, which is A5 size (half A4). 

How many pages do Moon Turtles have?
They include 21 double-page spreads (for tracking 21 days), plus two pages of instructions, two blank pages for notes, and a helpful phone numbers and websites page at the back. So 48 pages total.

What are Moon Turtles made of?
The cover is Kraft card, the inside pages are a 120gsm uncoated stock.

How did you come up with the name?

"I was sitting in a noisy bar when I told a pal I was designing a mood journal.
​Over the noise, with a bamboozled look on his face, he exclaimed, 'What the f*** is a moon turtle?'