Natural Roll On Perfume
Natural Roll On Perfume

Sabine & Sparrow

Natural Roll On Perfume


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Scents have the power to evoke memories & feelings.

They are intrinsically tied up with emotion & can magically transport you to another place or time

Sabine & Sparrows' collection of perfume oils are a luxurious & sensual way to stimulate the senses

They are non greasy & long lasting, free of alcohol and parabens, and are cruelty free, meaning your favourite little critters remain unharmed as they are not tested on.

Each perfume is a special blend of natural botanical & fragrance oils that will nourish your skin & leave you smelling divine

The fast fun facts:

  • Add a little luxury with this handy purse sized perfume oil
  • Large 15ml glass bottle with stainless steel roll on applicator
  • Alcohol & chemical free