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Mojo Candle Co. do their bit for Mother Nature by creating dreamy candles by using reclaimed beer and wine bottles. With a variety of complex and refreshing scents along with simple, modern packaging these are great eco-luxurious gifts for men or women. Tropical with ‘Sweet Tangerine and Island Fruits’ or exotic with 'Moroccan Spice'? The choice is yours!!

On the other hand, if humour is your thing and craving to crack up a loved one, Damselfly brings you soy-based 60 hours’ worth of fireballs of crazy quotes that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts!

And ever came accross candles that celebrate the Land Down Under? Keiora’s Australiana range designed in collaboration with Zachary Bennett marries unique Indigenous art with exotic fragrances. Whereas Apiary Made brings you a calm beeswax wave of relaxation.

Knock yourself out!