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Seed papers, heirloom seeds, books, potted plants, planter pots, and tools! What else do you need to create a sustainable garden?

Grow your food the way you like! With tips and advice on gardening in any space from Little Veggie Patch Co, there is also a variety of edible seeds to choose too. While the seed kits make excellent gifts, the seed cards from Planet Go Round sprout and bloom! And while you’re at it, trim, weed and snip with Gentleman Hardware’s Garden multi-tool!

Now if are an admirer of indoor plants, get potted plants from Dans Plants delivered right at your doorstep! The stylish and trendy Monstera Deliciosa or the Spathiphyllum Peace lily? There is plenty to select from!

Remember a green space is the best space so try not to kill it………..wait we have books on that too!