Knit Wear

Winter Clothing

Wrap yourself in beautiful knitwear and woven and say goodbye to the winter blues!

Luxurious 100% cashmere shawls and wraps, merino wool tights and socks, or beanies and fingerless gloves. Ethically stunning warmers to stay snug as a bug during the cold season!

On how to take care of cashmere read:



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Cashmere Comb Cashmere Comb
Cashmere Comb
Sale price€6,95
Cashmere Poncho PonchoCashmere Poncho Poncho
Cashmere Poncho
Sale price€66,95
Luxury Series Cashmere Shawls ShawlLuxury Series Cashmere Shawls Shawl
Luxury Series Cashmere Shawls
Sale price€99,95
Button Poncho - 16 colours PonchoButton Poncho - 16 colours Poncho
Button Poncho - 16 colours
Sale price€66,95
Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves gloveMerino Wool Fingerless Gloves glove
Fine Cashmere Stole ScarfFine Cashmere Stole Scarf
Fine Cashmere Stole
Sale price€66,95
Amélie Jersey - 4 Colours ClothingAmélie Jersey - 4 Colours Clothing
Amélie Jersey - 4 Colours
Sale price€112,95
Giant Pom Pom Wool Beanie BeanieGiant Pom Pom Wool Beanie Beanie
100% Pashmina/Cashmere Assorted Shawls Scarf
Tightology Dotty Merino Wool Socks SocksTightology Dotty Merino Wool Socks Socks
Chunky Cashmere Throw HomewaresChunky Cashmere Throw Homewares
Chunky Cashmere Throw
Sale price€199,95
Natural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours PonchoNatural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours Poncho
Natural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours
Sale priceFrom €79,95
Cable Knit natural cashmere Shawl AccessoriesCable Knit natural cashmere Shawl Accessories
Knitted Cashmere Shawl AccessoriesKnitted Cashmere Shawl Accessories
Knitted Cashmere Shawl
Sale price€112,95
Cashmere Sweater SweaterCashmere Sweater Sweater
Cashmere Sweater
Sale price€66,95
Natural Cashmere Shawl - Light Brown Accessories
Tightology Luxe Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Luxe Merino Wool Tights Tights
Tightology Tiber Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Tiber Merino Wool Tights Tights
Zoé Cashmere Cape ClothingZoé Cashmere Cape Clothing
Zoé Cashmere Cape
Sale price€153,95
Cable Knit Shawl Dyed AccessoriesCable Knit Shawl Dyed Accessories
Cable Knit Shawl Dyed
Sale price€86,95
Tightology Staple Wool Tights TightsTightology Staple Wool Tights Tights
Tightology Staple Wool Tights
Sale price€28,95
Otto and Spike - Melbourne - AUSTRALIAN COTTON - SOCKSOtto and Spike - Melbourne - AUSTRALIAN COTTON - SOCKS
Tightology Short Dotty Socks SocksTightology Short Dotty Socks Socks
Tightology Short Dotty Socks
Sale price€21,95
Tightology Montemartini Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Montemartini Merino Wool Tights Tights