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Cactus 95mm
Cactus 95mm
Cactus 95mm

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Cactus 95mm

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Style:With Earthy pot
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Cactus 95mm

With Earthy pot

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Cactus 95mm

Cacti are awesome plants for folks who aren't great at taking care of plants or just prefer ones that don't need a lot of attention. They have cool textures and shapes that give off desert vibes wherever you put them. This Cactus is a manageable size, measuring just 95mm, so it can fit nicely on your windowsill, desk, or any small space.

  • One great thing about cacti is that they're cool with bright light, whether it's direct or indirect. So if you've got a sunny spot like a south-facing window or any well-lit area, they'll be happy there. But don't worry if your place isn't super bright, they can still handle lower light levels, though they might grow a bit slower.
  • When it comes to watering, cacti have a neat trick up their sleeves. They can store water in their chunky stems and tissues, which helps them survive in dry conditions. So you don't need to water them often. In fact, it's better to let the soil dry out completely between waterings. Overwatering can cause their roots to rot, so it's safer to give them a bit less water than too much.
  • For their soil, cacti like a well-draining mix that resembles what they find in the wild. You can either buy a special cactus potting mix or make your own by mixing regular potting soil with some coarse sand or perlite. This will help the water flow through the soil and prevent it from getting too soggy.
  • As for feeding, cacti aren't big eaters. During their active growth period in spring and summer, you can give them a diluted cactus fertilizer every few weeks to help them grow. But when fall and winter roll around and they go into dormancy, it's best to skip the fertilizer altogether.

With their tough nature and cool features, cacti are a low-maintenance and visually pleasing choice for plant enthusiasts. So enjoy the unique textures and shapes of your Cactus as it brings a touch of desert beauty to your indoor space.


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