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Little Mashies - 5pc Bamboo Meal Set - last minute gift idea - melbourne

5pc Bamboo Meal Set

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The Little Mashies bamboo meal set is the perfect addition to the fussy eater kitchen! The eat and reveal nature of the Little Mashies graphics make mealtime fun and easy. 

The sections within the meal set are designed so that parents can easily provide a balanced nutritious meal using the compartments for protein, carbs, salad and vegetables. Continual offers of undesirable foods can lead to success with fussy eaters.

They say a food needs to be offered at least ten times before a child truely knows whether they like it or not. Additionally even if salad is not commonly eaten by your picky eater constantly offering it can help break down these barriers and make the foods familiar.

Our bamboo meal set is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It feels like plastic, yet it is not. It is dishwasher safe and completely food safe for little ones.