Captain Robbo Medusa Raft Adventure Pants - last minute gift idea

Captain Robbo

Captain Robbo Medusa Raft Adventure Pants

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Captain Robbo Adventure Pants are well known for their comfort, durability and original style. They are best worn with a pinch of irreverence to fashion ‘rules’, and a splash of self-empowerment… even if it is just in knowing that you are underneath it all facing the day with your adventure pants on!
Women of many generations and the occasional adventurous man all enjoy a good time in these comfortable fancy pants AKA leggings.

These pants have a strong focus on natural fibers, the spandex is required for every pair so that they stretch and continue to do so. They use 10/90 percent mix to cotton or merino for all leggings.

Adventure Pants are all hand printed by the Captain and her associates in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. All products from start to finish are made locally in Melbourne.

Size: S