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Alocasia cucullata 240mm Plants
Alocasia cucullata 240mm Plants

Alocasia cucullata 240mm

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This evergreen plant is hardy and easy to care for, making it ideal for planting outdoors or in containers indoors. Due to its ornamental and retro vibe, the Alocasia Cucullata plant has been a popular indoor houseplant choice. It's frequently seen hanging from baskets in the offices and living spaces of houseplant enthusiasts.

A jungle plant with fresh green leaves is part of the arum family known by the common names Chinese taro, Chinese ape, Buddha's palm, and hooded dwarf elephant ear. 

Shooting up to 4 meters, leaves are raised when still small,but as it grows older, they will start to hang down more. When a new leaf is formed, an old leaf is often shed. If this plant gets too much water, small drops will appear at the leaf tips. This way the plant drains excess water. So water the plant moderately. The soil may feel slightly damp, but not wet. The Alocasia cucullata loves high humidity and a lot of light, but not direct sunlight. Don’t give this plant cold water, but water at room temperature. Give this fast-growing plant nutrition regularly. A gift that keeps on giving!!!

How to care:

-Easy to care, the Alocasia cucullata can do well in any location around the house, as long as it receives bright, indirect light as a minimum. It’s best located in a spot where there is a splash of morning or evening sunlight, especially in the height of winter. 

-When it comes to watering, more is less. Allow the top third to dry out in between waters, reducing this slightly in the autumn and winter.

-Keep an eye out for spider mites that'll form webs on the under-leaves of the plant.


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