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Endangered World 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle - Pookipoiga

Endangered World 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

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Featuring the world's most endangered species and the threats they face in their habitats, this beautifully illustrated 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with its circular design is perfect for completing with friends and family!

From the polar bear and the lesser known addax to the puffin and the North Atlantic garbage patch, discover over thirty animals and environments at risk from across the globe. As you piece together this stunning jigsaw, you'll learn a bit more about each animal and habitat along with the challenges they face. 


Packed in a large gift tube with a poster guide, the Endangered World jigsaw puzzle wonderful gift for a friend, colleague or family member.


Tube measures: 30.9cm x 11.8cm x 18.8cm (approx.)

Completed puzzle measures: 68cm circular design (approx.)

Recommended for Ages 10+