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How to be Gluten Free and Keep Your Friends - Pookipoiga

How to be Gluten Free and Keep Your Friends

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Supermarkets now stock gluten-free options, everyone _ from restaurants to your gran _ has at least heard of the term, and most importantly, you_ve never felt better. So why is it still so tricky to navigate life as a gluten-free diner? From going out for dinner, to staying in with friends, it can be a challenge to cook, eat and socialise in a world of gluten eaters.How to be Gluten-Free and Keep Your Friends helps you to go about your life without compromises, excuses or apologies. Instead, you'll be armed with 50 fresh, exciting and globally-inspired gluten-free recipes you can cook for yourself, your friends and your family (without hearing any complaints!), as well as tips, tricks and hacks for being a better more easygoing gluten-avoider. Your options will open up, you'll enjoy a whole new menu of food, and your friends_ well, they'll never have a bad word to say again!