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Love Naturally Pot - Pookipoiga

Love Naturally Pot

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Eco Max Paper Pottery is a contemporary range of designer pots and accessories handmade from paper. The White Hearts Pots have an embossed heart pattern created from recycled paper. Some of the benefit of paper pottery can be:

- a decorative pot for gift giving especially with choice of designs.

- an unbreakable planter for table decoration.

- light-weight and easy to transport.

- used as a child-proof  or Pet-proof vase or container.

Lined with natural latex rubber and coated with a protective water repellent layer on the outside, Paper Pottery is completely waterproof thus making it ideal for floral arrangements. Also these cuties are biodegradable making them super eco-friendly product from a whole product lifecycle perspective :)

Paper Pottery is ethically hand-made in Sri Lanka using only sustainable and recycled materials.

Small - D12cm x H11cm - 100ml pot

Medium - D16cm x H15.5cm - 150ml pot

Would be a great gift for a green thumb ( indoor plant enthusiast) or valentines day gift or a gift to a loved one :)
The Love Naturally vases have white cutout lettering on craft paper.