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Mork Chocolate Original Dark Hot Chocolate 70% Rooftop Honey -Hot Chocolate

Original Dark Hot Chocolate 70% Rooftop Honey

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In this collaboration Mörk has teamed up with local beekeepers Melbourne City Rooftop Honey. When they first met founders Vanessa and Mat they instantly got talking about their urban beehives, unique flora in each suburb, and honeyed chocolate concoctions. It was a pairing waiting to happen and with the hives now starting to fill up with new season honey, their Melbourne Honeyed Dark Chocolate was born!

The first honey is from: Alphington - paired with 70% pure dark chocolate. The Alphington bees produce a floral and buttery honey, marrying beautifully with the Venezuelan cacao in Mörk Chocolate. They will be rotating other beehive locations for unique and limited batches, throughout Spring and Summer.