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Stormy Nights Eye Pillow - Pookipoiga

Sabine & Sparrow Stormy Nights Eye Pillow

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Natural linseed filled in 100% cotton natural and soft eye pillows in various patterns with dual thread stitching. Chamomile, lavender, or unscented, these little tools for the eyes helps balance the nervous system and calm the mind most naturally.

Can be used at room temperature or heated and cooled.

Heated - The gentle heat and weight of eye pillows are fantastic for migraines and mini-recharges. Reduces eye strain, helps relieve stress.

Cooled - Place in freezer for quick relief of tired & sore eyes. Refreshing in the summer months.


  • Washable outer layer
  • Soothe sore & tired eyes
  • Relax   Recharge   Unwind
  • Perfect for yoga & meditation