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Impersonal (but totally awesome) Gifts for the Cheapos:

Do you need to buy a gift for that special someone that doesn't necessarily mean much to you, but you're compelled to buy them a gift due to office politics? You've come to the right place!
We have quite a few things that will please anyone. It's a sneaky Santa? Don't know who the recipient will be? Leave the details to us!

    Apiary Made

      This beeswax food wrap is saving the world one piece at a time. Reduce the amount of cling wrap used by your workmates by gifting them one of these. If they happen to come in to the office with cling wrap instead, do your best disapproving glare, I dare you.
      Single pack: $18, 3-pack: $35

        Hanky Fever

          Everyone loves hankies. Well, no, they don't. Only the coolest and most environmentally savvy people love hankies (obviously I am particularly savvy). With some super cool designs that only cost pocket change, your gift recipient will either love it or hate it! Those are good odds!
          From $9.95

            Organics for Lily

              Organic tea made by a naturopath? Yes, please. All sorts of flavours that will make anyone jealous when it's a-brewin!
              From $5.00
              Everyone needs socks, but these are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill socks that grandpa buys. These socks change lives! I'm not exaggerating. These socks donate books to kids; provide clean water; clean up the oceans; AND they look dapper. They won't only change the lives of people you don't know, you'll also find that people stare at your feet a lot more and comment on your sense of style plus they are made from organic cotton!! These people are not being weird, they're being perceptive. Unisex designs - be brave and embrace the colours and most importantly be comfy!

                Raw Integrity

                  A selection of delicious chocolates that are good for the world and good for you? No way! Yes way! You can choose between Cinnamon Chai, Berrie Lover, Orange and Lime - the options are endless! Actually, they're not endless - that's a slight exaggeration. The options are almost endless!
                   3 for $24 (or 1 for less than that!)
                  Sioou Temporary Tattoos
                  These guys are made in France — ooh la la. 
                  You will only have two problems with these tattoos - which one to choose and where to put it! And then what do you do when you've already used your Secret Santa gift? Oh well, it's the thought that counts, isn't it?
                  From $5.99

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