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Why Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift for Her: Unveiling the Sentimental Beauty

So what makes gifting jewellery special?

  • It’s lasting and brings in that sentimental value – you will forever remember who gave it to you.

  • It is appropriate for every age and gender. Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, or earrings– from grandma to toddler, there is something for everyone! 

All this said, have you ever thought of gifting jewellery that gives? In other words, valuable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical jewellery that makes a statement in caring for the planet?

From earrings made from airplane tires to vibrant pieces made from milk cartons and other throwaway items. From bamboo studs, brooches, and hairpins that rescue abused animals and plant trees when purchased to ceramic stoneware studs crafted by artisans from rural communities. Shop for some of the most planet-precious jewellery gift ideas for her from brands that make a difference!



Denz and co


Rising against the current throwaway culture in the fashion industry, designer Kate Bordessa of Denz + co creates modern yet timeless statement stainless steel earrings that are not for the faint-hearted!! If you don’t believe us check out those intimidating ‘Dragons in black’ or the, I am watching you ‘Eyes in black’ – pretty awesome right? There are also some attractive pairs for plant lovers and animal lovers. Silver, gold, rose gold, or black – take your pick!

Handcrafted in a studio in the Noosa Hinterland, the copper is cut by hand, making every piece different.


Champ co airplane tire earrings

Champ co

Using all the offcuts of table placemats or trivets, made using recycled airplane tyre and new rubber, Champ Co. crafts some very distinctive jewellery pieces such as bangles and earrings that are attractive and modern. And don’t worry in case you end up sleeping wearing them or place them right at the bottom of your loaded bag. 

You can always fix any small bends by laying them on a flat surface in the sun for around half-hour, and they will come back good!



Kate Piekutowski art earrings

Kate Piekutowski

Based on original etchings by Melbourne-based contemporary printmaker Kate Piekutowski, an exclusive range of earrings make you feel lost in nostalgia, travel, and a romanticised world!

Crafted with stunning whimsical narratives, these artworks printed on recycled aluminium make perfect gift ideas for those art lovers!


Woodfolk ceramic stone studs


Designed in Australia by jeweller and designer Julia Denes, and handmade in collaboration with Nepali artisans, throughout Nepal, Woodfolk products are proudly made for the Globally Conscious Woman. Simple, soft, and comfortable pieces made in ceramic stoneware include Snowy Mountain Dot StudsSalted Terracotta Diamond Studs, and Salty Rose Large Circle Studs. Woodfolk is committed to working and collaborating with small family-run businesses, as well as Women-focused organisations, creating opportunity, self-determination, support, and hope in these communities through social entrepreneurship. 


upcycled earrings

Singleuse Multiverse

Having a deep passion for re-using and up-cycling, singleuse.multiverse gives milk cartons, straws, plastic lids, shampoo bottles, formula lids, dish-washing liquid containers, meat trays among other items more glamorous life! Using melted plastic as paint, Jessica handcrafts fashionable earrings that are colorful, fun, and ever ’green’ in style!!

So, every bit of color you see in these vibrant dangles is melted plastic! When the ‘multiverse’ of throwaways becomes a statement on your ears!



birch wood earrings


The birch range of laser cut jewellery! These earrings from Pimelia, such as the Ilara EarringsKaede Earrings, and Willow Earrings  are drawn from patterns of ferns, ‘Japanese inspired’ floral patterns and intricate Victorian floral design. The beautiful pieces with intricate designs are made from sustainably harvested birch  cut using green powder, raw brass and painted with acrylics and fine gold dust. Sourced from a Birchwood tree in New South Wales, that needs to be cut down to make space for native flora and fauna, these unique pieces are good choice for you and the environment!


flora and fauna earrings

Go Do Good

Specialising in contemporary finely etched stainless steel jewellery, Australian brand Go Do Good works are inspired by nature, especially Australian landscapes, flora, and fauna. Their designs are a blend of whimsical with timeless Scandinavian style. Pair Banksia earrings with a Banksia pendant necklace or the delicate swirling designed Eddy earrings with an Eddy pendant necklace. Your mum or grandmum will love it as a Mother’s Day gift!



bamboo wood earrings

One Happy Leaf

Eco-friendly alternatives to mainstream jewellery are perfect for nature lovers and aspiring minimalists. This cute laser-cut from honey brown bamboo wood accessories also takes care of the environment by greening it! For every piece purchased, a tree is planted on your behalf! Wear a pair and do your little bit for the planet! 

The cute pieces are made from bamboo - an environmentally friendly alternative as its fast-growing and needs little water to survive.


polymer clay earrings

Erika Harder

Erika Harder’s elegant handmade polymer clay earrings feature many bright and colourful patterns. Zebra StripesPink HummingbirdMidnight Vines, or Tropical Toucan – all showcasing the natural colours of nature.


Ekcelent & Co

Taking inspiration from the Art Deco era, Ekcelent & Co crafts statement jewellery pieces for women who tell their own stories. Wearing these pieces is a mood. For instance, imagine being transported to an underwater wonder world where you experience the movement of coral in the ocean currents. Wear these Coraline or Coralette earrings and feel them!

Designed and made in Australia. 


crochet jewellery

Flaming Pot

Perfect for kids and adults alike, Flaming Pot’s fun and colourful sprinkle Donut necklace made from 100% high-quality cotton yarn in Melbourne make great presents for little girls or anyone who loves crochet designs. Adjust the necklace to your desired length by sliding the bead at the back of your neck.


timber and paper earrings

 The Papered Tree

Combining timber and paper, The Papered Tree creates jewellery pieces for everyday wear. These pieces, are made using sustainable laser-cut timber, and environmentally friendly glues and sealers. Perfect for that everyday pop of colour!


Why Jewellery is the Perfect Gift for Her

Why Jewellery is the Perfect Gift for Her